Summer 2016 Vacation

This year,  when I took my annual trip to the States, I decided to stop through Oregon to see a couple of friends.  That is a stunning state to visit, I do have to admit!  The scenery changes every 30 minutes.  Mountains, ocean, desert, plains, everything is there to see.  I grabbed a few pictures to show my travels 😀

Here is where I said goodbye to Tallinn. 

(What a view from the plane, eh?)

I will spare you the mobile photos until the very end.  Those never turn out so well haha!

This is the beginnings of a journey through Oregon. Not a whole lot to see, yet.  Nice straight highways, with just a peek at what could lie ahead!  Onward!

A bit of a way in, we stopped to take a tinkle at a little bar/café/diner/resort/thing.  A couple of nice photos to be had in the back.

Next comes a quick stop at Mt. Washington.  Quite a sight to behold. But first, a little history.

And now for the view!

After all that action, we stopped at a B&B so we could be fresh for the ride back around the other way. There were also some great photo ops, right in their garden!  It was fantastic.

And away we go, again!

I was a little disappointed when we stopped here.  The view was beautiful, but there was a car there with a smashed in front glass.  The people who were in the car had a trashbag sitting beside their tire.  We warned them that they would end up taking off with it laying there, no problem.  Then, the woman got out of the car, grabbed the bag, and tossed it over into the river. ? People are way too peopley.  I had to leave before taking any more photos.  I was a bit disheartened by it.

But onward we go!

And I cannot help taking a photo of an awesome car lol

Ever wondered what the smallest river in the world looks like? ?

And a bit of the Oregon Coast.

These things just cracked me up… I have no idea why, but I burst out laughing both times! ?

I saw this lonely little tree in an old veterans’ cemetery. I just had to get the photo…

Last Stop! I just adored this little bridge! I can’t imagine every driving over it, but it was a thing lol

And now for the mobile photos! These are completely out of order, so just take them as you will haha!

And I cannot resist taking photos of spider webs. Just a little addiction of mine lol!

I didn’t have a whole lot of time in Arkansas to take photos.  My mom is quite the party animal hahaha!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  I even licked a drummer… now that is a story, all on its own…  Here are what photos I did get to grab!

This was a very emotional moment. We officially said goodbye to my stepdad. We will miss you forever.

And some random fun.

And a little present to myself.  I LOOOOOOVE me some LoZ haha! This tattoo is a work in progress.  Hopefully, I will get to add a piece to it every time I go somewhere 😀

And the perfect ending to the perfect vacation!

I hope you enjoyed my little journey!  Until next year…

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