Back again!

It’s been awfully quiet around here, lately, hasn’t it? I am finally back from vacation! Well, it wasn’t really a vacation… more of a medical/banking/in-laws visit. Actually, I have been back for two weeks, but I wasn’t in the right…

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Just giving the rundown of the things going on lately! And there are TONS of things going on… This is going to be a LONG read haha! Starting on Monday, I will be having a new schedule. Be sure to…

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Support the Artist

I am sure that most of you guys know I am in the process of creating a second book of artwork. This one is going to take much longer, and a lot more financing to pull off. I want to…

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A Collection

I have a lot of friends in the creative biz. Professionals, amateurs, hobbyists, the lot. A whole world of imagination at the fingertips. Here are a few that I just need to show the world.

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FUCK Hairspray!

I keep seeing, over and over again, that people are suggesting to use hairspray to fix their art from smudging. That is the ONLY THING IN ART that crawls under my skin. DON’T use hairspray if you value your art…

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