More winter Photos

It wasn’t snowing yesterday, so we went out and grabbed a few clearer photos of the snow. I think I am finally starting to get the hang of my camera, though I still need to figure out when to use…

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And even MORE winter!

Winter is my favorite time of year! As if you didn’t already know that… haha ? We went out today to grab some photos and the blizzard began!  It snowed the whole time we were out!  It is hard to…

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I LOVE winter!

The snow, the ambience, the serenity… What more could you ask for!? I am sure that the people around here are cursing my name because I asked for snow early this year. And boy, did I get it! I am…

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Secret Halloween Package 1

On, I do a lot of trading and swapping packages.  I look forward to each one.  It is like having a birthday all year round!  This one was no exception

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Holiday Gift Giving

Do you have someone you really want to gift an artwork, but you are not sure what he/she would like? Birthdays, Holidays, or just because… Fear no more! 

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