[CLOSED] Halloweenies

I know a lot of you are really ready for Halloween! Unfortunately, there is too much time to wait… But that doesn’t mean we can’t get to the fun early! So, let’s have a little contest Below, I have two…

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[**Ended**] CONTEST

I haven’t had any kind of contest lately. Maybe now is a good time! First off, Deadline is May 31st. All entries must be completed by then. No entries will be accepted after the deadline. This contest is open worldwide!

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Raffle winners

I have been holding a raffle for the past month. I am pretty sure you’ve seen my numerous posts on various social medias lol. HUGE thank you to all who purchased tickets! I would call this a success

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Twitch Raffle

https://www.twitch.tv/gizmofromhell Starting right now, you can purchase your raffle ticket(s). Each ticket will cost $10. There will be 10 slots for each piece. If you purchase your ticket while I am offline, you can send me a message letting me…

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Mandala Contest

So, who’s up for a coloring contest? Here is a couple of mandalas that I created, today. Choose one and color it in your favorite medium. Digital or traditional is ok. Markers, mouse, crayons, pencils, etc. All is welcome!

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