New Patreon coloring page

Here is a coloring page for you on Patreon, today!   Enjoy! You can choose your tier, or you can create a custom pledge of your own!

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My friend, Korok

To break up the monotony, I decided to do a little digital fan art. I have been playing Breath of the Wild for the 4th time… waiting for the new one to come out… Though, that seems like a hollow…

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New Things

Still working on getting my will back up and running. It’s coming, but very slowly. I will get around to it! In the meantime, I have started a new session of the #sixfanarts challenge. This time I am going to…

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The Rose [Completed]

FINALLY!  It’s finally finished.  It took an uncomfortable amount of time to finish this.  It isn’t my best work, but this is one of the only times I can honestly say I did NOT use any kind of reference photos….

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The Rose – Part 2

Second part of The Rose speed drawing video has been uploaded to Patreon. It still isn’t complete, but it’s coming together, finally! It will stand out more when the dark background is added in. I hope lol

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