Speeding, of course

Ok… I was reluctant to write all of this, but I probably should, because it honestly made my year.

This actually happened last Christmas, but I never posted it here.

We took a cross country trip for the holidays to see my family. Well almost cross country. California to Arkansas.

We were just outside the Arkansas border.

I got pulled over for speeding. Ugh. That’s all I needed. I already know I have a terrible habit of shoving my foot through the gas tank… Anyway, that isn’t the best part. It was the exchange that ensued.

Cop: How are you doing. I pulled you over for speeding. License and registration?

*handed him the papers*

Cop: Could you come back here with me, please?

*jumped out of the car and walked to his and proceeded to hop into his car*

He asked the usual questions. Where did you come from; why are you here; where are you going? Not a word about speeding yet.

C: Mongolia?
Me: yep.
C: *writing some stuff down, then with a confused look* Like the county, Mongolia?
Me: lol yeah…
C: *continued writing* The place above China??
Me: That’s the one lol
C: I bet you’re surprised I knew that, aren’t you?
Me: A little bit! I didn’t even know where it was until I moved there!
C: what do you do there? Like, work-wise?
Me: well… I don’t have a work permit, so I just draw…
C: You draw? Can you draw good?
Me: Well, I like to think I do…
C: No, I’m serious, artists can usually tell.
Me: I guess so. I mean, I’m not the one to judge, really.
C: Well, do you have some work somewhere that I can see? Facebook or something?
Me: I have my business card in my wallet, if that helps.
C: Actually yes!
*handed him my card*
C: Thanks! I’ll check this out.

We spoke our parting pleasantries and I got out. His final words:

“You better slow down.”

I left with a warning lol

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