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      We have to have a few rules so the forum doesn’t become too cluttered.

      1. Behave. Don’t cause chaos where no chaos is needed.
      2. Be respectful. Everyone has their own crap to deal with, so let’s not add more to it.
      3. Copyright! Remember, everything has copyrights, even your own material. Pay attention.
      4. This is not for advertising. Keep the links to a minimum.
      6. Keep images in signatures to under 600×200.  I know this is small, but it keeps the clutter down.  Images larger will be removed.  At this time, no avatars are possible.  I am working on that, though.

      Unfortunately, at the moment, we have only one option to include signatures, but it isn’t the prettiest… You have to use a separate link.  The page is … less than pretty.  Look at the top of the screen and click the “Edit Profile” link.  Scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see a section to include your signature.  BBCode is allowed, so you can add images.  However, if there comes another option that is nicer, we will change it over.

      You will notice that you don’t have permission to access some areas.  These are only available to subscribers.  Each subscription will get you access to that area, as well as any of the lower tiers.

      These areas are for discussions, contests, and other chit-chat for subscribers. The forum is really small at the moment, but as members increase, so will the content.

      Thank you for all of your support! This website wouldn’t even exist without you lovely people!

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Forums First Stop Announcements Rules