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      Come say hello to the other members! Tell us a little about yourself.

      I am Rene and I am an addict!

      Seriously, though lol

      I move around a lot, so when someone asks where I am “from,” it is a difficult question to answer. I have lived on 3 continents, 5 countries, and countless cities. I draw for a hobby, but it also happens to be my job. Other things I like to do are crochet, gaming, and web design.

      And you?

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      Hi!  I’m Mistress, but you can call me Mistress.  I have been around a LONG time, and I really missed the old forums.  It’s so good to have a place to call home again.  I don’t have a facebook, so I have just been stalking this website since it opened a while back.

      Damn, it’s good to be here again.

      Is this a signature?

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Forums First Stop Welcome Introduce yourself!