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      If you are not subscribed, but you would like to download the items seen below, you can open a subscription HERE.  You can choose to renew monthly, or you can set to download for just one month.  If you choose to renew, then you can cancel at any time. If you have trouble canceling, you can contact me at any of the social media icons listed at the bottom of the page.

      Here are the previews for this month’s downloads! Remember, all subs can download the tiers lower than them, also.  This means, if you have an Enormous Sub, you can download ALL sub items.  If you have a Big Sub, you can also download the Little Sub items.  If you have a Little Sub, well, there isn’t a tier lower, so there only the one item.

      Little Sub: Printable Christmas Card.

      Big Sub: Printable Coloring Page.

      Enormous SubMask Set.



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      I really need to get my subscription renewed.  I love that coloring page.

      Is this a signature?

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Forums Subscription Areas Download Previews December 2019