For the Taggers!

I have moved everything here for you taggers so it is easier to find!

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What is Tagging?
Signature tags or sig tags are small digital images that are used to accompany an HTML-formatted email or Internet forum post. They are also often used on social networking pages. They are used as a mark of recognition or individualism, or to convey emotion, sentiment, or sometimes support for the illustrated concept. “Tagging” often refers to the creation of these images.

What is a Tube?
A tube is the extracted focal point of an artwork. These images have transparent backgrounds and are used for the creation of Signature Tags. Artist distribute these images for the digital tagging hobbyists.

What is a Tube?
A mask is the ornamental area behind some signature tags. Often referred to as a “Photo Mask.” These are images used in masking parts of another image to make transparencies.

What is a Scrap Kit?
A scrap kit is a collection of matching extracted images used for the ornaments in a Signature Tag.

Scrap Kit TOU

  • Tagger Sized only.
  • Click on images to download kit.
  • Do not redistribute.
  • Kits are for Personal Use only.
  • Do not sell any items from the kits, or created from the kits.
  • You may mix and match kits.
  • Element number and size varies with each kit.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Masks TOU

  • DO NOT claim them as your own.
  • NOTE!: I have changed the filenames of the masks to match the new “branding.” You may delete all of your old files and re-download these new masks. They are the same, with a few new additions. ;)
  • You can use them in tutorials, tags, timelines, websites, whatever. Be sure to link back here on your tutorial pages.

x x x x x x x x x x x

Tubes TOU

  • ONLY these images are allowed to be used in digital tagging. Do not use any other images from the site.
  • You are free to create tags, wallpapers, timeline covers, avatars, websets, and other graphics for use online.
  • You are NOT allowed to sell you creations. No monetary gain what-so-ever.
  • Credit is to be given on all creations.
    — ©Rene Kunert —
    — ©Rene Kunert —
  • NO BLANK TAGS! This rule is for you, not me. I want to make sure that you, as a tag maker, are also protected.
  • You may leave the URL off of Timeline covers; you may also leave it off of avatars that are smaller than 200px.
  • Use good sense when using other people’s artwork 😉

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