I really need to learn to brush my damn hair before I record video LOL!  Meh, we are here to see the drawing, anyway, right?

Well, it’s done. That’s about all I can say.
I hate it… But it seems to be going over well with others :) It makes me happy when I can make others happy, so it is worth it, regardless of how much I like the piece.


Gothic Alice

Yes, this is 100% graphite. No inks, paints, or charcoal was used. I like to grind my graphite crayon into a sandpaper block and then brush it on using a pastel brush. The darkest parts are scrubbed in using a small hard bristle brush.  The highlights are dug back out using an electric eraser.  If you are a graphite artist, you MUST get yourself one of those! It’s a lifesaver!


Personal Project

This project was inspired by my need to stand while drawing.

I bought myself a painter’s easel, but they don’t have anything to place your paper on if you want to draw.  I went to the paper store and bought a large piece of foam and a large piece of cardboard and fused them together with lamination glue.  Then, I just wrapped the edges in a patterned tape.