Photo Manipulation

WARNING! Nudity involved in this post. If you don’t want to see that, then turn back now.

WARNING!  Nudity involved in this post.  If you don’t want to see that, then turn back now.

I don’t like drawing another person’s artwork.  That is just a major no-no for me.  I don’t know why.  But I love fanart!  So, I compromise.

This post is just to show the steps I take when creating artworks.  There is much more to it than just grabbing a reference photo and copying it on paper.


Dance with the Devil

The reference is from a a DeviantArt photographer.

Initially, I was going to recreate the graceful elegance of the dancer, but my hands had other ideas.  I don’t know what changed my path, but I am kind of glad it did :)

Oh! And don’t forget. You can submit your photos to be included in the new book coming. For more info:


Bright Eyes

The last collector that commissioned me for the portrait of her granddaughter was pleased enough with the outcome that she wanted a second portrait drawn!  The best compliment is repeat business :)

And this is such a cute little face that I just couldn’t refuse.  The other portrait was *supposed* to be my last one drawn in Estonia, but I just had to LOL



Woof! I don’t draw animals often, but sometimes I make exceptions.  This would be one of those times!  Just look at that face.  How could I not take the challenge? :D

Because of our impending move, it took me MUCH longer than it should have.  I think about a week while working on it a little each day.  I can’t remember exactly how long each day. 

The person who commissioned this is giving it as a gift to someone else, so I certainly hope they don’t see this post haha!


Man in the Box

I think I am on a little roll now.  Music always brings out my motivation! 

I still remember when I heard the news of his passing.  It was heartbreaking.  His music did a lot for me.  I wanted to make sure I had the skills to draw him before I tackled this portrait.  I certainly hope I did him justice.

I will forever be a fan of Alice in Chains.

I think my favorite part of this drawing was all of those curls!  I don’t think I have ever had that much fun drawing hair lol