FUCK Hairspray!

I keep seeing, over and over again, that people are suggesting to use hairspray to fix their art from smudging. That is the ONLY THING IN ART that crawls under my skin.

DON’T use hairspray if you value your art at all. You are worth more than that. Don’t cheap out because you don’t want to spend one or two more euro or dollars to get the good stuff. Fixative isn’t that damned expensive.


Hairspray Vs Fixative

This is a discussion that has been going on forever, it seems.  I have been coming across it again lately. 

I am sure you’ve heard a few of these.  Hell, you may have said a few of these.

“I’ve used hairspray for years and nothing has happened.”
“Hairspray is cheaper.”
“Hairspray is easier to find.”
“My instructor told me to use it.”
“My friend uses it and he’s never complained”
“There’s no difference.”

Yes.  Yes, there is a difference. 


Very First Tutorial

HUGE thank you to my Patrons!  You guys are AWESOME!  Because of you, I was able to get all the stuff to start doing tutorials.

As promised, here is your very first tutorial!  I want to apologize for taking so long… I don’t do much talking on camera, so I was extremely nervous and I had to redo the whole thing over and over and over…. and over.  Finally, I just kept this one and cut out the parts where I was just saying stupid stuff or awkwardly  pausing.  You know, for a dramatic effect.  Yeah, that’s it.  Dramatic..