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I have been trying to get back into drawing more again, but the bigger pieces still require a bit more coaxing. I think it may be reading constantly about the state of the planet that is draining me, or the fact that I have to play teacher during the day… or maybe it’s just that time of year where I just don’t really wanna do anything big…

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FUCK Hairspray!

I keep seeing, over and over again, that people are suggesting to use hairspray to fix their art from smudging. That is the ONLY THING IN ART that crawls under my skin.

DON’T use hairspray if you value your art at all. You are worth more than that. Don’t cheap out because you don’t want to spend one or two more euro or dollars to get the good stuff. Fixative isn’t that damned expensive.

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Sketch Cards

Tools:  Faber-Castell pencils and Schoellershammer paper.  I used several brushes and a kneaded eraser.  The electric device is an eraser, but I changed the eraser head with a small piece of kneaded eraser.

These are the sketch cards created during my 2 hour Twitch Stream today.  I would love to see some familiar faces when I stream, so come give me a follow and you can get notifications when I go live.

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Still A Graphite Junkie

Most of you know that I created a book a couple of years ago.  100% self-published.  I still have a few of those books left, if anyone is interested ;)

I am in the process of creating a second book!  However, I am hoping to go through a publisher to get it done.  However… doing so will cost a LOT more than the last book did.  So, here I am!  Hopefully I can get this done with the help of my fans.  I wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for you guys!

Here is the plan!

I am hoping to get all of the funds raised for this project through here.  If necessary, I will also go through other means, as well.  Your pledge will guarantee that I get there faster.  

If you would like to see the current progress, you can check it out here: 

If you pledge €10 or more, you will have your name mentioned in all speed video credits for the duration of your membership.

If you pledge €50 or more, you will have your name mentioned in speed videos AND future physical published works for the duration of your membership.  That includes this new book!

This is on top of the other perks you will receive monthly.  You will have access to digital coloring pages and exclusive, behind-the-scenes content that only Patrons will be able to access!

If you would like to contribute, but don’t want the responsibility of a monthly pledge, you can also purchase digital coloring pages from my website!  Once you purchase a page, you can print and color it as many times as you like, for the lifetime of your coloring capabilities.  

I am going to take this moment to thank everyone who helped me with my last book!  All of the Patrons, stock providers, reference photo suppliers, and of course, my MOM :)

Jan Kudas, Tracy Young, Angela Jainz, Sarah Fiack, Tonya Vertein, Mary Patino, Joel King, Patty Beyer, Susan Bosarge, Raqual Humphries, and Freya Langford-Sidebottom.

You guys are the whole reason these projects work out!  I honestly can’t thank you enough!  I am hoping this book will be as much of a success!

Oh, and be on the lookout for a coloring book giveaway!  More details on that come soon ;)

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