Lack of work

I am still alive! I promise!

I haven’t been really up to drawing much since November… So many things have been holding me back, including myself :fit:

But! I have been slowly getting my motivation back into gear. It’s tough, since my son’s school is closed and I am having to play teacher… I SOoooo was not built for this haha! I guess that is one of the perks for living so close to China…

I have still been using other creative outlets. I crochet a lot and I have been playing a voxel game on my Switch. If you like creative building games, then Dragon Quest Builders 2 is for you. I highly recommend it. Beware of limitations, though.

I have also returned to CDO as a scrap designer, for those of you who are into the hobby scrap-taggers. I am listed under AoRK. There isn’t a whole lot there at the moment, but I will be working on getting a few more things out. Of course, my animations and doodle tubes are also still available there.

I am still looking for more portraits to include in my next book. It is getting really close to halfway, but I still want to add more before I send it for printing. I don’t want to speed through this one like I did the last one. So, it could still be at least 2 years before it’s final. To see the progress on that, you can visit the page designated to it right here on the site!

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of 2020! If you have any motivation to spare, please do send it my way! Keep on rocking! :metal:

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Skull Plush

This started out as a Christmas Gift for someone special, but I figured if I was going to make something, I may as well write a pattern while I am at it!  This is actually the base for a sugar skull project.  You can decorate it with anything you like!  Fabric paints, embroidery, surface crochet… the possibilities are endless!   

I have broken down this pattern by stitches, so it looks longer than what it actually is.

This pattern is also available on Ravelry.

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