First artwork of 2018! 

Commission piece for a local collector.  This one was pretty tough.  I found out that my new glasses work EXTREMELY well, so I could see the flaws even in the paper grains… Due to that fact alone, it took me a bit longer than other portraits since I was being pretty damned nit-picky.  However, I think it worked out in the end!


The Dance

Since my first ballerina drawing, I wanted to do another. The posture and skin shading was well worth doing again. I thought of trying to go a more traditional route (on a stage), but my pencils said otherwise. There was a LOT of erasing when it came time to do the background portions, but it turned out alright in the end.

This was the final artwork for 2017. The signature was placed 4 hours before midnight. This piece wrapped up a pretty creative year.  The holiday was extremely hectic, so I was only just now able to post it.


I Made a Thing!

I made a thing LOL! It took AGES to do, but I got it done!  I overshot the length, though… it’s wrapped twice.   I think I read somewhere that a scarf should be as long as a person is tall.  Well, I am pretty sure this one is close to twice my height haha! 


Year in Art

It has been a good year, I think!  The final signature for the year ended 2017 perfectly.

I want to thank all of you that are watching me for giving me another year’s worth of motivation!  You guys keep me going :)


Reaper Raffle Winner!

So, who’s ready for the announcement for the winner of the Reaper Raffle?  I want to apologize in advance for the horrible lighting in the video…  For some reason, there was a whole lot of reflections.  *oops*  Maybe I should consider actually going outside to get a tan or something haha!  Suuuuuure….

If you couldn’t read the number, it was 4


HUGE sale!

I am having a huge sale on all original, full-sized artworks in my shop. On some of them, you can save up to 100 US dollars! Be sure to grab some pieces for your home (or for your friends) while you can.  This sale will only last until the beginning of summer.  They will go back to regular price around June.

Remember: artwork makes fantastic gifts.  Birthdays, holidays, or even just because! 


Patreon Goodies

Getting ready to send out the Patreon rewards for this month!  If you haven’t become a Patron, now is just as good of a time as any.

I want to take this moment to thank everyone who has supported me over the past few years.  I wouldn’t be anything without you guys!  Your support and encouragement has been what pushes me onward.  That is the greatest gift I could get for the holidays.



Got some extra eyes! This was the smallest set of frames they had, and they are still too wide for my face! But these are better than the thick, gaudy, pink frames the lady was suggesting. Those horrifying spectacles reminded me of the glasses I had when I was little. Yeah, I even gave those away to another student at school. I bet you remember that, don’tcha, Mom… lmao