Vector Borders

I was playing around with Illustrator to see how much different it is than Photoshop. It’s kinda neat, really. Pretty easy to control if you have a tablet to use with it. 

I ended up making a couple of border vectors. I probably won’t use them often, so maybe one of you guys out there can find a good use for them. :) 

Download: AoRK_Borders.eps

Kokeshi Contest

Anyone up for a little art contest!?

I really love Kokeshi dolls.  You can take the same image or figure and create anything you want out of it!

I would like you to decorate this Kokeshi doll.  You can make it any way you like!  Digital, traditional, paper cut, it doesn’t matter the medium.  I would suggest to print/trace it onto a thick paper/board before using paints or makers.

Deadline for this contest is November 1st.


Draw Me Something!

Handmade art always takes time. It takes skill. It takes a horrendous number of mistakes.  It takes sleepless nights and years of practice.

No one wakes up one day and just says “oh, I know! I’ll become a talented artist today!” Yeah, that’s not how it works. It takes a lifetime to earn the skills.  The amount of patience that’s required is more than the “average person” can spare.


Hollow Unicorn

First artwork in Mongolia! It took far longer than it should have. It’s a subject I am not used to, and we had no furniture, whatsoever, while I was drawing. I had to sort of slump over the kitchen island while drawing. It wasn’t the most comfortable of experiences, I can tell you that haha!

I am hoping the result of this piece sets the mood for the rest of the work to come!

Oh!  And don’t forget.  You can submit your photos to be included in the new book coming.  For more info:


Still A Graphite Junkie

Would you like to be an artwork?  Would you like to be featured in an art book? 

I am taking photo submissions until the moment I am ready to begin printing!  There are no official timelines with this book.

The biggest differences between this one and the last:  More art! Less text! More time!

I am again on the search for photos that I can use for references for drawings that will be included in this book. I will need to have a limited commercial usage permission for each photo, as well. Just as the last book, I would like to also use submissions from my friends and fans, as well as other projects in the future. But, before you send me a photo, here is a little information. Please, be sure to read it thoroughly!


Summer News

Most of you know now that we are moving to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia this summer.

This week will be the end of our internet connection and phone contract here in Tallinn. This means I won’t be online much until after we get to Bonn for vacation. I will be able to give updates of the move at random times, I am sure.


Bright Eyes

The last collector that commissioned me for the portrait of her granddaughter was pleased enough with the outcome that she wanted a second portrait drawn!  The best compliment is repeat business :)

And this is such a cute little face that I just couldn’t refuse.  The other portrait was *supposed* to be my last one drawn in Estonia, but I just had to LOL