Skull Moth

I just realized that I completely forgot to post this here… what the hell is wrong with me LOL! I think I am slipping further and further into flakiness… haha Credits to:mjranum-stock for the beautiful ladyChristasVengel-stock for the awesome skullftourini-stock…

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Secret Halloween Package 1

On, I do a lot of trading and swapping packages.  I look forward to each one.  It is like having a birthday all year round!  This one was no exception

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Holiday Gift Giving

Do you have someone you really want to gift an artwork, but you are not sure what he/she would like? Birthdays, Holidays, or just because… Fear no more! 

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Drawlloween 2016

I am participating in the Annual Drawlloween challenge!  It is just like Inktober, but it encompasses all drawing mediums!

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I really need to learn to brush my damn hair before I record video LOL!  Meh, we are here to see the drawing, anyway, right? Well, it’s done. That’s about all I can say.I hate it… But it seems to…

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