Sketch Cards, Anyone?

I’ve been really focusing on doing sketch cards lately. We are 3/4 the way through our post in Mongolia, and I am seriously ready to get back to trading. I adore these tiny little artworks. I am getting really antsy, to say the very least.

These are the latest cards. I have them posted on the forum for the future! As soon as I am ready to trade again, I will be doing swaps and things over there. If you aren’t a member yet, you can register to get prepared for the time to come!

You don’t have to wait on me, though! You can begin trading with other members the moment you register! Add your cards and make your post for trade! If you get confused on where to post your trades, just shoot me a message over there and I will help you around!

I am REALLY looking forward to you coming to visit and participate! This forum is YOUR forum, too!

A personal note…

I had a high school art teacher recently tell a student that “once you turn professional, you don’t have to write anymore.”

I am honestly not sure if I can call myself professional or not, but let me tell you… the writing part of the “job” has increased 10fold since high school. If ever I get to the “professional” status, I expect even more writing. That is, unless I can hire a PR person… I don’t see that happening haha! Otherwise, how do you get known as an artist? Sure, you could let the art speak for itself, but come on… that really only works for someone with a name already, especially now with so many different artists out there, or art that is so great it leaves people in awe. With as much art out there, it is really hard to make people really notice.

Granted, we don’t have to answer some of the really dumb questions that we used to back then (in official writing at least), but to say that the writing stops makes me wonder if this person is/was actually a professional, or if this person had any actual perspective on the professional art world. It seems that high school isn’t actually meant for people to understand how the real world works. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for someone finishing school and carrying on to higher education, but the system seems a bit rigged in favor of… (and I hate this word…) “sheep.”

Or who knows, maybe she was referring to the “modern art” movement. We all know the white line on blue canvas… I don’t think a whole lot of writing occurred in that instance LOL!Maybe she meant like essays? Of course we don’t have to write essays… unless we are going for being a teacher of the arts or something. Not many people, outside of being a student, have to write essays and term papers.

But good lawd, don’t make your students think writing stops once school is over! Ugh!

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