Let’s Get Our Art On

Ok… I know I have been really quiet for the past few days. I have been working on a little something in the background. I know people like options, so here is another one!

This makes 3 outlets. The Facebook group, the Discord server, and now THIS forum!

Why so many places?

Organization, of course!

Things can get lost in the Facebook group. One long stream of posts and conversations, but nothing is permanent.

Discord is for a more personal feel to conversations. Smooth transitions and flow of conversation. However, you have to scroll and scroll to find something if you need it see it again.

This forum is for complete organization and control. It even has a gallery where you can upload your work. It is hosted on my own website, so no worries about it just disappearing.

Now… if you don’t want to be part of several platforms, that is ok, too! You can choose one and stick to it. I will be at all of them, so you won’t exactly be missing anything. However, if you would like to keep your options open in case of Facebook jail or Discord outage, then you have that choice, too!So, without further ado…

Let’s Do Some Art!

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