Elias Soriano

Time: About 4 hours, collective.
Size: A4


Schoellershammer 4R paper
Faber-Castell and Boesner pencils
Charcoal and graphite powder for depth
Kneaded Eraser
Electric Eraser
Various Brushes
Tissue/Paper Towel

After being away from portraits for almost a year, it has been difficult to jump back in.

To all of you artists out there, if you feel the need to take a break, don’t let it last too long! It really isn’t like riding a bike…I am honestly not sure why I decided to go with something so dark right after my “comeback,” but I did what I could! Hopefully, the next one will turn out better. Way too much sketchiness in this one. Its as if you can see every single pencil stroke.

Ignore the distortion. The photo isn’t directly head on, so the top is a bit larger than it should be. I promise, his forehead isn’t really that big lol!

Unfortunately, the scanner picked up the graphite shine on this one, for some reason, so I tried to adjust it as I could without compromising the actual contrast. It may be a little darker than the original, but not by a whole lot. Graphite doesn’t actually get completely black.

And of course, you guys get progress shots wink

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