New Coloring Pages

A few new coloring pages have been added to the shop. Coloring is a good way to free the mind and get through stressful times. So get your crayons, pencils, markers, pens, etc. ready and join the coloring community.

I would love to see your results with these coloring pages. You can tag me in any of the social medias or post right here on this blog! I have a “guestbook” just for random chatter and showoffs.

Here are the new pages:

And as a little extra information for the future, could you please just take a moment to vote in this poll? This will help with future uploads and free items.

[Total_Soft_Poll id=”3″]

I know I haven’t been doing a whole lot with graphite lately, but I hope to get my muse to come home, soon… I have some things started, but I just can’t get my pencils moving. If anyone has a bit of spare motivation laying around, I sure could use it right now.

The world’s events have been draining me to the point of exhaustion, but I don’t want to be exhausted anymore lol.

As always, keep on rockin, you awesome people! metal

2 thoughts on “New Coloring Pages

  1. Such great pages! I am going to have a lot of fun with these. I am sorry about your lost muse. I will try to help find her.

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