Patreon. Again.

A little over a year ago, I stopped using Patreon, and to be honest, it was a big mistake.

So I have made the decision to reopen my account! If you would like to follow me, you can do so here:

As of this moment, there is only one post, and no Patron-Only posts. But… The items that I had listed as exclusive content for this website have been transfered to be accessed by a Patreon account. This includes the 3 patterns that I have available here:

I have also have removed the “subscription” and “donation” from this website. In the light of current events, it is probably for the best. It is better to keep track of everything over at Patreon.

If you were my Patron a year ago, then you already know how this all works. If you weren’t, then I can give a little rundown.

You can choose the tier you would like to subscribe to from the Patreon page. This all works through Patreon and PayPal, so everything is as secure as it can get without literal hand-to-hand exchange.

As of this moment, I can offer digital items that are exclusive to Patreon, as well as discounts and other goodies that would normally be purchased here. I will also run the random contests and things, just like I used to.

I have found that doing this all myself from right here on this site was more difficult than I had imagined. People like comfort, and change isn’t real comfortable. So, back to the drawing board.

Right now, I still am unable to restart my Twitch Streaming, since my computer is still being a pain in the ass. But hopefully soon, I can get it all back together! I am still holding my breath for the vacation this summer. If this comes together, I will be able to get a new laptop and continue where I left off. Hopefully, you guys haven’t forgotten about me!

And just for the record, yes, I still have all of the flowers! They will definitely be added back in wink

And on top of that, I will also add flowers for each new Patron wink

Ok, I think that about covers it! See you over there!

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