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I have been trying to get back into drawing more again, but the bigger pieces still require a bit more coaxing. I think it may be reading constantly about the state of the planet that is draining me, or the fact that I have to play teacher during the day… or maybe it’s just that time of year where I just don’t really wanna do anything big…

Whatever it is, it is actually helping me get my card stash built up for the time I can start trading them again! So that’s a plus :D

Here are the cards I have done in the past couple of days.

I also found a huge stash of old sketches that I had done back past 2006. Instead of letting them rot away in a folder tucked into the deepest crevices of my art room, I figured I would turn them into cards, as well.

None of these are new. Some of them date back as far as 2002.

I am really missing social medias at the moment. But I am seriously thankful for a couple of people who have been emailing and messaging me to check to make sure everything is ok! I really appreciate it! Kelly and Tonya, you are some really nice friends to have :) And huge hugs to Annemarie! You keep my feed in MeWe filled with smiles :D

That’s about all for today… See you again soon!

Author: René

I sharpen pencils for a living.

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