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I just love sketch cards. I really do! And when I have the opportunity to trade them with others makes it so much sweeter! I was invited to join a swap for the Legend of Zelda themed cards. I am not great with color… but I tried anyway! They were accepted and will be on the way to their new homes very soon!

They have shinies and sparklies in there, but of course, the scans don’t like to show that part, so I will add a short video clip. And the first card is NOT that vibrant… apparently my scanner wanted to really bring out the reds LOL! (in reality, it is much more orange)

I also took a few more suggestions from social media to create even more cards for my collection to trade. Such diverse tastes people have, but they seem to always transfer into “dark and gloomy” once my pencil gets hold of them haha

My love for drawing is finally back in full swing! So expect more soon ;)

Keep on rocking, you wonderful people! :metal:

Author: René

I sharpen pencils for a living.

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3 thoughts on “More Cards”

  1. These cards are fantastic Rene. I absolutely envy you the amazing talent you have.I can “color” cards but no way can I draw.Even my stick people look strangely “wrong”.Imagine my surprise when my oldest sin came along and fron a very early age showed a talent for drawing that he still does daily at 41 years old.He LOVES your work so much also. :thumbsup:

      1. LMAO I can totally relate to the typo! ;)

        Thank you so much for those encouraging words! I absolutely adore drawing sketch cards. They are fast and I can get QUITE the collection very fast. These are the ones I have right now…