Just giving the rundown of the things going on lately! And there are TONS of things going on… This is going to be a LONG read haha!

Starting on Monday, I will be having a new schedule. Be sure to save it to your calendars! To see the new schedule:

We will be going on vacation from June 28th – August 5th. Within that month, Twitch will be put on hiatus. IF (and that is a large *if*) I can manage it, I will try to stream a little from Germany. There is going to be a lot to see, so there will be GUARANTEED photos. I will be taking my big camera with me.

That being said… the raffle only has until then! So be sure to get your tickets purchased. You have a chance to get an artwork (and other goodies) for just $10! To read more about that:

When we get back to Mongolia, I am really going to need a couple of moderators! I already have one volunteer, but I would really like to have a couple more people to add to my staff. As of this moment, I am a team of one. I could really use a bit of help. To read more about that:

Did you know that I have a merchandise store that is dedicated to my Twitch Stream? Every item is limited edition. I do not need to be streaming at the time of your purchase. You can purchase items at any time of the day (or night)! To see the merch:

I would love to “meet” you and have a chat! If you’d like to know anything about me or my art, you can pop in and ask me just about anything you want.

Oh, and there is a goal for “bits!” If you don’t know what bits are, you can come have a look. This goal, we will be having a song request day! While I am at it, I am going to be making a stream playlist. Your choice of songs could end up in the permanent playlist!

The goal for when I return from vacation will be a “crochet-along.” We will be making Unicorn Horn headbands! This is going to be something really different! But I hope you can join in the fun! Even if you don’t crochet, you can help us reach that goal by “cheering!” (Cheering is the act of sending “bits”)

Also, if you would like to donate to my stream and my upcoming art book, you can do so from this link: You don’t need an account, you just need PayPal. I get 100% of all tip money (with the exception of PayPal fees). Every little bit is HIGHLY appreciated! And as a little bonus, your “username” that is entered into the tip page will be displayed on my live streams!

Thank you all for the amazing amount of support you have shown me over the years! I would be NOTHING without all of you! yourock metal

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