Moderator Needed!

I am in dire need of an active moderator (or two) for my streams. There is a HUGE responsibility with the position. This person needs to have a knowledge of how Twitch works, or the willingness to learn how it works. (I will be there every step of the way)


  • Keep chat active. Ability to find topics that would encourage the chat into participation.
  • Knowledge of my chat commands or willingness to learn them and what they are for.
  • Knowing when to use the ban and/or timeout functions.
  • Willingness to post on social media when I am going online, when possible. (though not as huge of a requirement)
  • Ability to be online when I am. Though, sometimes I know things come up… Even I have my “off days.”

As time progresses, or my channel grows, duties may change accordingly. Moderator positions may not be permanent if the duties cannot be upheld.

If you, or you know someone who is interested, just let me know. You can either post here, or let me know in PM.

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