Voodoo? YOU DO!

These little “dolls” are just for fun. I wanted to see if I could get into color a little more. I have TONS of colored pencils laying around my art room and figured it was a good time to put them into use.

The designs were suggested by the viewers in my stream on Twitch. There will probably be a few more of these before I start on my next commission piece. So if you’d like to throw a suggestion in the hat…

Be sure to check out my Twitch Stream! I broadcast 3 days a week. The official schedule is posted on the Twitch page under the video block. I hope to see some familiar names with the next live broadcast

And just for the hell of it… I love cover songs, and this one is pretty badass. Note… everything in this cover song is done by ONE person. Pay attention!

Here is the original, if you want to do a comparison. Holy hell, is all I can say.

Author: René

I sharpen pencils for a living.

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