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I am sure that most of you guys know I am in the process of creating a second book of artwork. This one is going to take much longer, and a lot more financing to pull off. I want to be able to put this book on the shelves in actual legit book stores. For that to happen, it is going to take a LOT of work and a LOT of support.

There are many ways you can support me and my work.

One way to support without spending anything is to share, share, SHARE! Share my Twitch link, share my art on Facebook, share my website pages, etc. Share anything you want as many times as you want. The more you share, the more I am noticed.

Monetary support is, of course, always welcome! I have a few different platforms for financial support.

  • Buy my work. I don’t have it listed on my website anymore, but you can always ask if a piece is available.
  • Twitch. Subscriptions, donations, and “cheers” are really cool, and you get a little shoutout on the live stream.
  • Direct donation via PayPal.
  • Donations via StreamLabs. This option will let everyone see your name during stream. The latest 10 donations are always visible at the top of my video window.
  • Purchase digital items from my shop like Coloring Pages you can print or color digitally.

Every little bit helps me continue creating!

Thank you all for being such awesome fans and friends! You all ROCK! metal

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