Sometimes it feels like a piece is beyond repair. No matter what, it looks… well… wrong. I tried and tried to fix it but after it was finished and I signed it, I just couldn’t help myself. It just was not up to my personal standards, so this is the result.

This isn’t really a bad thing, though! I consider it a learning experience. Sometimes we need a little error in our lives to show just how far we have come and just how we won’t settle for “less.” A little jolt now and then is a good thing! :D

However, all was not lost! I made do with it anyway. I have it hanging in my art room as a reminder that I am allowed to mess up now and then. It isn’t the end of the world! It was a very therapeutic thing to frame it with the intention of still calling it art. It’s a win-win!

Art is art. It doesn’t matter how it is executed, or even the result of that execution. Mistakes are still part of the process. Keep the pencils moving!


Apparently, we aren’t allowed to show our flaws. Perfection isn’t perfect, people. Just because one artist does things one way, doesn’t mean all artists should do the same thing.

I am happy with the ending of this story, so why should other’s try to take that away? It’s not like I ripped up YOUR art… This is actually a story with a fairytale ending, so why shouldn’t it be celebrated?

To hell with the elitists! I will rip up any damned artwork I don’t feel is up to my own limits. If it is not better than my last, then it is not good enough for me. That is growth. I refuse to let my art get stagnant.

Author: ReneKunert

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