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Patreon News

Patreon news has been posted about the change in shipping dates.  Also, as an added bonus, the art that I create will be given as PSP Tubes to all Patrons.  Be sure to have a look if you are a tagger!  Also, in the near future, I will be giving coupons for the shop and other goodies.  If you would like to help support me, please consider becoming a Patron!

Coloring Pages

I have also added some coloring pages to the store here on the site!  These used to be in PDF format as an entire book, but it was suggested that I create single pages.  This way, you can choose what pages you would like to color!

Coloring Pages

As time progresses, I will be adding new pages.


I have a sale on Digital Scrap Kits and Animations for the taggers!  Until November 1st, you get 25% off of your Scrap Kit and Animation order.  The coupon is added to your cart automatically.  Grab some stuff while the sale is hot!

There is also a sale on Sketch Cards.  If you purchase 3 cards, you will get $3 off of your order.

That about sums up the new stuff that’s been added!  Be sure to check back for more later! :D

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