Kokeshi Contest

Anyone up for a little art contest!?

I really love Kokeshi dolls.  You can take the same image or figure and create anything you want out of it!

I would like you to decorate this Kokeshi doll.  You can make it any way you like!  Digital, traditional, paper cut, it doesn’t matter the medium.  I would suggest to print/trace it onto a thick paper/board before using paints or makers.

Deadline for this contest is November 1st.

  Let’s set some rules, first.

:arrow: Submission must be decorated by the entrant.  Each person must submit their own doll.
:arrow: Image must be submitted on THIS post.  Social media submissions will be disregarded.
:arrow: Submission must be based on the above template.
:arrow: Submissions will become the property of ReneKunertArt. (This means it will be permanently displayed as a digital image on this page.)
:arrow: Maximum 2 entries per person.


I will be categorizing the entries into 3 groups.  Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced.  I will do so at my own discretion.  Each category will have the same prizes. (edit: since I broke down the books, the prizes have slightly changed.)

:1st: 20 digital coloring pages of choice
:2nd: 10 digital coloring pages of choice
:3rd: 5 digital coloring pages of choice

You can submit your images in the comments below.  You do not need to register to comment, but it would be easier to send your prize if you do..  Don’t forget to attach your doll to the comment ;)

Just a note:  Comments will only appear after approval if you have not registered beforehand.  Shouldn’t take longer than 24 hours for approval.  This is to cut down on spam :)

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