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Would you like to be an artwork?  Would you like to be featured in an art book? 

Goal Post:

I am taking photo submissions until the moment I am ready to begin printing!  There are no official timelines with this book.

The biggest differences between this one and the last:  More art! Less text! More time!

I am again on the search for photos that I can use for references for drawings that will be included in this book. I will need to have a limited commercial usage permission for each photo, as well. Just as the last book, I would like to also use submissions from my friends and fans, as well as other projects in the future. But, before you send me a photo, here is a little information. Please, be sure to read it thoroughly!

I won’t be able to draw every single submission, so I will draw the submissions that fit best with the theme and style of my art. I will most likely be a little more choosy this time, since I will be putting this book on store shelves. If you sent photos that I did not include in the last book, please feel free to send again, anyway! I was on a tie crunch with the last project.

Those of you who follow me should know that I work in a darker genre. Even if your submission isn’t added, you are free to submit more that work with the themes listed below. Also, I don’t work “first come, first serve,” either. The photos that inspire me the most will be worked on sooner.

These will be “free” artworks. This means that there will be no fee to have these submissions included. This also means that the entrants will not receive the original artwork. All will, however, get a hand-signed print of the completed piece (and maybe a couple of extra items).  However, submissions may be purchased at a lower price than commission work. Prices will be case-by-case.  

All photos used will have full credits included on the credits page of the book.  This will be different from last time since I will be consolidating all of the credits into the back of the book so it saves room for even more art!

Here is a copy of a general photo release form.  Please fill this out and include it with your submissions.  Photos not accompanied by this form with correct and accurate information will be rejected automatically.

If you would like special credits, please write it on your form before submission. Otherwise, standard credits will apply.

All photos must be taken by the person who submits.  If you didn’t take the photo, the release form must be filled out by the photographer. I am very serious about copyrights.  All files will be confidential unless a legal case is opened.

Please note that I will not use the photograph for any other reason than listed:

  • Reference image for artwork
  • Inclusion of mentioned artwork in print form
  • Display of artwork on social medias and this website
  • After artwork completion, original photo will be deleted from my computer.
  • Photo will only be included in the book under the original photographers specific request.

To get some ideas about what I am looking for:

  • GOOD QUALITY; the larger the file, the better
  • Full body or portrait with good lighting
  • Cosplay photos (no licensed characters)
  • Musicians
  • Gothic or vampiric makeup
  • Halloween costumes
  • Glamour shots

Some things to take into account:

  • Resolution of the photo (size)
  • Clarity of details
  • Lighting
  • Focal point

Here are some things to avoid:

  • No “cheap” selfies; most selfies are too small and grainy. Try to avoid mobile phone/iPod photos.
  • Please no animal photos.  Exceptions will be made at my own discretion for inclusion, but I am not fully comfortable with drawing animals.
  • The person needs to be the main focus of the photo, not the background. If the background is more than 50% of the photo, then chances are, the quality isn’t good enough.
  • No licensed or trademarked material. Any and all copyrighted items will be removed. This includes logos on clothing.  
  • Musician photos must be taken by the person submitting the photo with the knowledge and permission of the subject.

If you are interested in being a part of my art, or need more details, comment below, shoot me a message on Facebook, or email me via the contact page.

At this time, my contact page does not support attachments, so you will need to zip and upload your photos to a file sharing site before sending the link.

Please note: these guidelines may change without notice. Please stay in contact after you have submitted a photo. 

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