Wordart Freebies

No matter how I spin it, I can never get away from the digital tagging community LOL!  Once it sucks you in, it is hard to get away wink

For that reason, I am making this little post to give away a few wordarts.  Taggers and kit makers, alike, can use these images in their creations.  Use as you wish!  The only thing I ask for is credit.  Since these were handwritten by me, I would like to have a little recognition wink.  If you create a scrap kit with any of these, please leave me a little spot in your credit file; tutorial makers mention me on the tut page; but, taggers don’t need to write anything extra on the tags…  That would be a bit too much lol 

Personal and commercial use is allowed.  The only thing you CAN NOT do is pass along the files.  Please send others here to download on their own so I can also get a bit of traffic to my site.

On to the goodies!  (some are rather small, so they are only decent for web display, not printing)


I have had a couple of requests for additional wordarts. 🙂 

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