Reaper Raffle Winner!

So, who’s ready for the announcement for the winner of the Reaper Raffle?  I want to apologize in advance for the horrible lighting in the video…  For some reason, there was a whole lot of reflections.  *oops*  Maybe I should consider actually going outside to get a tan or something haha!  Suuuuuure….

If you couldn’t read the number, it was 4

Congratulations to entrant number 4!  If this is your number, please send me an email or a facebook message with your shipping address!  I haven’t checked the raffle tickets yet, so please also send a screenshot of your ticket.

Huge thank you to those who purchased a slot.  If you purchased 2 or more slots, also send me an email with the print you would like.  I will get those all sent out as soon as I get the printer fired up ;)

I hope there are loads of new things coming in the new year!  I hope to see you all around ;)

Don’t forget that there is also time to pre-order your copy of my upcoming book!  The time is getting very close to the printing to begin!  The best way to support an artist is to purchase their things :)

Happy new year, everyone!  I hope you didn’t celebrate too hard!


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