Risen [altered]

In the light of recent events, it has come to my attention that the last artwork I created may come off as a little insensitive. It was not my intention. I started that artwork before certain things happened. I didn’t fully grasp the situation during the drawing because I usually am focused ONLY on my work. So, here is an altered version of the artwork that is not quite as gruesome to sensitive viewers. I sincerely apologize for showing that artwork at a very inopportune time.

However, I won’t be removing the other work as it is part of my portfolio. This version will not be going into the book.

Just for the record, I did not alter the original artwork.  This is just a digital fix so all of my fans can enjoy looking at the work.  The original will be in the book.  This is just a quick Photoshoping of the work for viewing purposes only.

Reference: https://kikimj.deviantart.com/art/Clown-Stock-335643383

Time: About 6 hours
Size: A4

Altered with Photoshop from original drawing.

Schoellershammer paper
Faber-Castell Pencils
Staedtler Mars-Lumograph Pencils
Lyra Graphite Crayon
Staedtler Kneaded Eraser
Paebo Kneaded Eraser
Electric Eraser
Various Brushes

[edit = because I feel I need clarified]

No one asked me to do this; I did it if my own free will because I understand the weight of the situation. The original artwork is NOT altered. I did not erase part of the drawing. This is only a digital alteration that took about 30 minutes to do. Some people are sensitive, others aren’t. This wasn’t a self-censoring case, as the original piece is still up.

If you feel the need to call anyone a snowflake, then it should be me. If empathy makes me weak, then I do invite you to tell me that.

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