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I am trying to get back into the swing of things since the vacation.  5 weeks off will do a lot of damage to the motivation!  I joined in a couple of swaps over at iATCs and this was the result.

Bad-a-Bookmark Swap
These were more fun than I expected.  I may have to do a few more in the future.

Untitled-1-copy Untitled-1-copy-2 Untitled-1 Untitled-5

Flowers Flowers Flowers Swap
I don’t do a whole lot of color, but I do love to experiment with sketch cards.

Scan-copy Scan-copy-2 Scan

I also created some paper Kokeshi Dolls for another swap at iATCs.

And since I am such a Legend of Zelda fan, I created myself some inserts for my phone case.  I have a clear silicone case, so that I can change out these inserts regularly.  I do love having so many options! :D

More stuff to come!  Stay tuned ;)

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