Retiring from PTU

Some of you may already know that I will be retiring from Creative Design Outlet as a scrap kit designer and tube artist soon.  July 31st will be my last day.  However, I will be continuing the animations I create. 

I will not be joining any other digital stores.  I just want to create art.  I have already had other offers and have turned them down.  I will continue to do so until I feel like I am in a place to start up again.  That will be a looooooooong way down the road, if at all. 

The tagging community has been a really big part of my progress.  I would never have started drawing again if it weren’t for the amazing artists I have met in the scene.  A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I really have enjoyed the ride.  The tagging world is what got me focused on my art again.

That being said, my FTU stuff that is uploaded here will always be FTU.  Just remember common courtesy and copyright. Be sure to check out the TOU files in the kits and the information on the download page.  I will also be adding a new free item here and there, so keep watch 😉

I won’t be going anywhere.  All of my friends that I have made over the years will still be my friends lol.  I don’t think I can just abandon anyone because of a path change.  Hopefully, you all will join me with the new direction I have been heading.

Thank you all for the awesome memories! 

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