Holiday in Bonn

We are home from our trip to Bonn, Germany!  It was interesting, to say the least LOL!

First off, we all got the flu… Lovely way to start a vacation, let me tell ya.  We spent the entire first week in the bed and drinking lots of hot tea with honey.  After a while, I started getting a little cabin fever from sitting in the same room for that long.  Yeah, fun…

After that was all over with, it went pretty smoothly.

Dinner was pretty awesome!  One night with the Parents-in-law, and the next with the Siblings-in-law.

I didn’t get to take very many photos, unfortunately.  But on the way back to Frankfurt, I grabbed a few from a moving train.  Sorry about the terrible quality… I apparently don’t know how to operate the “action shots” function of my camera haha!  But here they are, anyway.


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