Drawlloween 2016

I am participating in the Annual Drawlloween challenge!  It is just like Inktober, but it encompasses all drawing mediums!

I may not be able to post every day, but I have a set of cards with me at all times to draw!  There will be a card a day, just not a post a day.

October 1st: Return from the Dead

October 2nd: Carnival Creeps

October 3rd:  Mummy Monday

October 4th: Tentacle Tuesday

October 5th:  Better Gnomes and Goblins

Drawlloween Day 6 - Urban Legends

October 6th: Urban Legend

Drawlloween Day 7 - What Lies in the Mist?

October 7th: What Lies in the Mist

Drawlloween Day 8 - 8 Legs, 1,000 Eggs

October 8th: 8 Leggs, 1,000 Eggs

Drawlloween Day 9 - He's Just a Dummy, Doll

October 9th: He’s Just a Dummy, Doll

Drawlloween Day 10 - Demonday

October 10th: Demonday

Drawlloween Day 11 - Slimy Swamps, Foggy Bogs

October 11th – Slimy Swamps, Foggy Bogs:

Drawlloween Day 12 - I've got a Hunchback

October 12th – I’ve got a Hunchback:

Drawlloween Day 13 - Thursday the Thirteenth

October 13th – Thursday the Thirteenth:

Drawlloween Day 14 - Scarecrow Row

October 14th – Scarecrow Row:

Drawlloween Day 15 - Drive-in Creature Feature

October 15th – Drive-in Creature Feature:

Drawlloween Day 16 - Full Moon

October 16th – Full Moon:

Drawlloween Day 17 - Mad Science Monday

October 17th – Mad Science Monday:

Drawlloween Day 18 - Nosferatuesday

October 18th – Nosferatuesday:

Drawlloween Day 19 - Witchcraft Wednesday

October 19th – Witchcraft Wednesday:

Drawlloween Day 20 - Horses and Headless Men

October 20th – Horses and Headless Men:

Drawlloween Day 21 - Phantom Phriday

October 21st – Phantom Phriday:

Drawlloween Day 22 - Bat-urday

October 22nd – Bat-urday:

Drawlloween Day 23 - Superstition Sunday

October 23rd – Superstition Sunday:

Drawlloween Day 24 - Mechanical Monstrocity

October 24th – Mechanical Monstrosity:

Drawlloween Day 25 - Entombed Tuesday

October 25th – Entombed Tuesday:

Drawlloween Day 26 - They Came from Outer Space

October 26th – They Came from Outer Space:

Drawlloween Day 27 - Call of C'thursday

October 27th – Call of C’thursday:

Drawlloween Day 28 - Ghosts-a-go-go

October 28th – Ghosts-a-go-go:

Drawlloween Day 29 - Black Cat-urday

October 29th – Black Cat-urday:

Drawlloween Day 29 - Black Cat-urday

October 30th – Skulls and Skeletons:

Drawlloween Day 28 - Ghosts-a-go-go

October 31st – Trick or Treat:

I am honestly surprised I was able to keep up! I am binging on Chocolate for November’s Challenge LOL! ?

More to come, so stay tuned! ?

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