Gothic Alice

Yes, this is 100% graphite. No inks, paints, or charcoal was used. I like to grind my graphite crayon into a sandpaper block and then brush it on using a pastel brush. The darkest parts are scrubbed in using a small hard bristle brush.  The highlights are dug back out using an electric eraser.  If you are a graphite artist, you MUST get yourself one of those! It’s a lifesaver!

Love me some Alice in Wonderland! 😀  I had to give my own little spin on it, though.  Huge thanks to Len for his amazing stock.  You can purchase his references at Deviantart.

Time: Approx 20 hours (collective)
Size: Approx. 70×45 cm
Mitsubishi Pencils
Lyra 6b and 8b graphite crayon
Pebeo Kneaded Eraser
Electric Eraser
Various Brushes
Paper Stumps

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