Coloring pages? OH YEAH!

I like to color just as much as the next guy! If you combine that with art swaps and handmade goodies, well, that is just pure heaven!

I entered a swap where we hand-drew a coloring page and sent that original line-work to someone else.  In return, we got a set of lines to color. 

Essentially, they aren’t coloring pages, but rather, collaboration artworks!

These are the lines that I created and sent out.


I colored a printed version of the skull for myself.

Here are the lines I got in return.  One is from Karina Bulger (Kre), and the other from Gina Huizinga (Ginart).


Beautiful, aren’t they???  SO much more detailed than the ones I sent out.  I felt a little inadequate, but also thrilled at the same time ?

Here is the result o my coloring attempt:


I certainly hope I did them justice!  They are headed back out to their original creators in the morning. 

Here is my sugarskull linework that was colored by Karina Bulger (Kre).  The black areas are solid black glitter.  And man, there was a lot of it!  I was wearing half of it when I took it out of the plastic cover haha!

Here is my other linework colored by Gina Huizinga (Ginart).  I haven’t seen it in person yet, but it should be coming any time now!

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