On Monday, July 4th, I will be taking a trip to the states.  I make this trip every year, but this time I will be making a “side quest” to Oregon!  I am sure LOADS of photos will come! 

I will only have 4 days in Oregon, so my camera will be pretty much an extra appendage.  Hell, sounds good to me!  It’s been a while since I got any new photography.  I may even see about getting a cheap tripod for some decent shots.  We shall see.


Some details

This is going soooooooo slowly. I can imagine by now that you maybe figured out the theme of the drawing. This is definitely not my normal but it is proving to be pretty fun. Next, I will be starting on the background a bit. I will try to keep the details down back there, though.


Tutu Complete

Tutu done! Still a LOOOOOOOOOT more to go. I am going to be actually adding a background to this drawing. That doesn’t happen very often, so I hope it works out haha!

Credits to for the photograph. Viktoria is the lovely model.



I actually cleaned my art room!  There aren’t any boxes and packing materials laying everywhere.  The drawers have all been put away in their right places.  All my finished artwork and posters have been put away.  Well, except the 4 that are standing at the back.  I am way too proud of those to pack them out of sight.  A signed and an unsigned poster from Socionic, a “stolen” poster from a Combichrist concert, and one from an underground dark/darkwave festival that I attended right next door to my house. 


Personal Project

This project was inspired by my need to stand while drawing.

I bought myself a painter’s easel, but they don’t have anything to place your paper on if you want to draw.  I went to the paper store and bought a large piece of foam and a large piece of cardboard and fused them together with lamination glue.  Then, I just wrapped the edges in a patterned tape.