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Someone was asking about seeing the collection of cards over the years.  I am kind of shocked at just how many I have when I started taking photos LOL!  This shows 514.  I am pretty sure this is my entire collection, but I could have a few more hiding somewhere around here that I haven’t quite put into the folder, yet.

These photos below do not include prints.  These are all original artworks created for trades, sale, and swaps.  I think it’s probably a good idea to note that a few of these are drawn by me, too.  Just a few that I couldn’t get rid of lol.

These cards were created by loads of different artists all over the world.  Different advancement levels and different styles are what makes us all unique! 

Yes, I love to trade, and I want to trade with you, too ;)

If you see one (or more) of your cards here, please do let me know if you’d like to have your website or Facebook page (etc) linked on this page.  

So yes, I love to trade, and I want to trade more!  If you think you want to swap cards with me and get your art in my collection, just drop me a note and I will certainly get back to you.

I think it is also worth noting that NONE of the cards pictured here are up for trade.  Only my original artwork is available for trading.  Just have a look through my sketch card gallery to find ideas of what I create.

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