Patreon Tier Change

I have made a slight change to Tier 4 on Patreon.

Instead of getting an unfinished or not-up-to-par sketch for each month, you guys will now get one (or sometimes two) finished and “frame-worthy” sketch card instead.  This way, you will always know what size you will be getting, and the quality that it will be in.  These cards are much easier to display and store for those that plan on being a Patron for a long time to come ;)

I have also added one more slot onto Tier 4.  Instead of only 2 Patrons, there can have 3 Patrons on Tier 4.  That means there is now one open spot on the highest tier!

And on a side note, because of the US holiday, and most of my Patrons being in the US, I have decided that I would skip over the holiday and mail out your goodies in the morning.  I know that holidays are hell on the senders and recipients of the mail… sometimes even resulting in lost articles, so I wanted to avoid as much of that possibility as I could.

Also, please make sure your shipping addresses are all up to date!  I have had 2 packages returned to me since the beginning of the year.  I would really like to make sure that everyone gets their goodies in a timely manner :)

I know this site is a little hard to navigate, so here is the link to the help article with instructions to change it if you need.

And again, thank you all for being such AWESOME Patrons!  <3

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Author: ReneKunert

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