Reaper [Draw this Again]

I drew this reaper about 10ish years ago.  I have seen several people using this drawing in their compilation videos and stuff, so if you’ve seen it running around, yep, it’s mine.

I wanted to include it in the book I am creating, but I can’t find the original piece.  It is around here somewhere, but it just seems to be avoiding me.  I scanned it a LONG time ago, but… the scan is WAY too small to be used in a book printing.

For my next project, I am going to re-draw an older piece that I did. I drew this about 10-ish or so years ago. I can’t remember exactly anymore… I still have the original piece around somewhere, but I can’t find it… It is one of my favorite older pieces. The only scan I have is this one. Actual size… lol! 

So I can’t do a whole lot with it. However, I really REALLY want to include the piece in the book, but I can’t use this scan. That means only one thing! Time for a “draw this again” session!

It was drawn on an A4 piece of printer paper… so I am going to enlarge it to fill an entire sheet of 70×45 cm paper! This might take a while

I do believe I will finally get another video for you guys, while I am at it.

Stay tuned


This is the original artwork.  Actual sized scan is really small, so it isn’t suitable for book printing.  Instead of trashing the ides, I figured I would draw it again!  I tried to keep it as close to the original as possible; just bigger.  I think I succeeded, for the most part…

I have a much different style of drawing now than I did 10 years ago, so I can’t get it exact anymore…



Time: 5.5 hours
Size: 69×46 cm

Mitsubishi Pencils
Lyra Graphite Stick – 6B
Graphite Powder
Staedtler and Pēbō Kneaded Erasers
Staedtler electric eraser
Various static erasers
Various Brushes
Paper Towel

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