Trading Card Sale

I think I want to have a sketch card sale! The usual price for sketch cards is $15USD each. Until April 30th, 2017, I am going to cut that in half! $7.50USD per sketch card! Shipping will be added based on number of cards.

These are original artworks on 2.5×3.5 cards. Graphite and color! Will be delivered in protective plastic sleeves.

Perfect for people who don’t have a lot of room for displaying their collection. A regular baseball card binder is all you need to store these tiny works. It makes a great coffee table conversational piece.

NOTE:  Cards are made on demand.  I don’t keep them long, so I don’t have very many that are already finished.  I do have a few, but I won’t list them here.

For examples of what sketch cards are:

These are tiny works of art, so portraits will not have the same amount of detail as a normal sized piece.  Keep that in mind when choosing your theme or reference.

Just use the contact form here or shoot me a message on Facebook!

A few examples:

345 344 343 342 341 340 339 338 Halloween-Athon-8 Halloween-Athon-7 Halloween-Athon-6 Halloween-Athon-5

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